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Hero section on desktop

Hero section on desktop

Project Overview

Client's Vision

The client, a performing arts director/journalist, envisioned a website to showcase their shows, striking a balance between their artistic vision and user-friendly accessibility.


The resulting website perfectly captures the artist's vision and provides a seamless experience for visitors.


A harmonious blend of technology and artistry, the Performing Arts Director's Showcase Website resonates with global audiences.

Project Highlight

CMS Integration: Empowering Content Control

Seamlessly integrated Sanity CMS, enabling the artist to manage, edit, and tailor their evolving portfolio. Effortlessly add, edit, or remove shows to keep the website current and engaging.

Global Appeal with Internationalisation: Bridging Languages

Introduced a multi-language approach to cater to UK and Middle Eastern audiences. The website supports English and Arabic, ensuring an immersive experience in users' preferred languages.

Engaging Show Galleries

Implemented interactive carousels using Framer Motion, guiding users through past performances elegantly. Showcasing a dynamic array of highlights, these carousels add a layer of fluidity and elegance to the user experience.

Seamless Video Integration

Incorporated a React-based Vimeo player component for effortless video addition from the artist's Vimeo account. Enhancing the visual narrative, this integration seamlessly weaves videos into the artist's portfolio.

Responsive Design for Seamless Interaction

From large desktop screens to mobile devices, the website's responsive design guarantees a consistent and visually appealing experience, enhancing accessibility for users.


Strategically adhering to accessibility guidelines and incorporating SEO practices, the website ensures that it's discoverable by a wider audience.

Tech Stack

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