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Hero section

Project Overview

Client's Vision

Our London-based funeral service envisioned a digital platform that not only introduced our mission and service packages but also provided a seamless user experience.


The result is a transformed website with a refined blue and gold color theme, featuring smooth animations powered by Framer Motion. The architecture has evolved from a single landing page to a comprehensive structure including an agency introduction, packages showcase, individual package pages, team overview, and a contact page offering both agency details and directions.


The redesigned site represents a significant upgrade, offering enhanced aesthetics, improved user navigation, and a more immersive experience. The introduction of Next.js 13 adds robustness to the website, ensuring optimal performance.

Project Highlight

Our Mission: A Sanctuary of Support

At the core of our website is our mission to provide compassionate and tailored funeral services. We aim to create a sanctuary of support for families during their times of loss, guiding them through the process with empathy and care.

Packages Tailored to You

The website boasts a diversified structure, featuring individual pages for each package, providing families with a more personalized and meaningful exploration of our services.

Meet the Team

Introducing the dedicated professionals behind our agency, the Team page offers insights into the individuals committed to guiding families through their times of loss.

Seamless Contact and Navigation

Effortless connection is facilitated through the redesigned Contact page, offering both contact information and clear directions on reaching our agency.

Embedded Map for Convenience

We enhance accessibility by including an embedded map on our website, allowing visitors to locate our physical address easily. This feature provides convenience for families seeking our services.

Sanity CMS Empowerment

By incorporating Sanity CMS, we maintain control over our website's content. This ensures that families receive up-to-date and accurate information about our services, guiding them towards the support they need.

Tech Stack

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